Thank You and Two Requests

With only two days to go before Town Meeting Day, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped with my campaign. There have been people holding events, making donations, reaching out in conversation, helping with lit drops, sharing thoughts and ideas…I could go on and on. It’s been a wonderful and humbling experience.
I’d also like to thank Mike Fisher and Susanmarie Harrington for taking time out and arranging schedules so we could attend candidate forums together. It’s never an easy task to manage families and a campaign. We’ve all done our best.
No matter who wins the Ward 5 school board seat I have two requests.
1. Get out and vote: The more people voting the better and healthier for our democracy. This means voting at all levels – school board, city councilor, mayoral – and voting on ballot questions. There has never been a more critical time to educate ourselves on issues that effect our local and state government. Take the time to become informed.
2. PLEASE, vote YES for our school budget. At first glance, the number being thrown around, 7.99% may seem outrageous to some. But, less than 1% (.8% to be exact) is the actual increase in the budget for Burlington schools. The remaining 7.1% comes from increases directly related to A) Gov. Scott’s mismanagement of the education fund in Montpelier and B) the fact that Burlington has not conducted a citywide reappraisal of properties in more than 10 years. These are issues that the school district has no control over and they adversely affect our ability to both control tax increases and adequately fund our schools. If you need more information on this issue, please contact me by phone, email, or stop by!
Again, my sincerest thanks. I hope I have the chance to represent you in Ward 5.