Happy Holidays, BSD! Here’s Your Bonus

It’s that time of year, all. The last two weeks before Christmas vacation, excuse me, winter break. We know you teachers are super busy with kids bouncing off the walls. Wait, what? Literally, they are jumping on tables, punching each other, and you’re evacuating classrooms? Ok, we’ll get to that later, but first on to our important announcement.

pinecone in snowWe have a great surprise bonus for you this year as part of our season of giving. We’ve opted to have a 1/2 day thrown into your schedule to relieve and provide you with a stress-free afternoon of restorative practices training! We know, how super excited you are about this because we are too! We keep talking about how wonderful, calming, and therapeutic restorative practices are for you, the teachers, and our students. And no, of course we don’t use this at the administrative level…only when we need to keep the school board in line. Then we bring in expensive consultants to lecture everyone on policy governance and restorative practices…but we digress.

What’s that? Did we consider any other trainings for today. Well, for a hot second we did take a peak at those responses we’ve received from those pesky “community engagement surveys” and contact forms we have out there. We’re not really sure why we have to have those anyway. Something about repairing our image with the public and parents, as if they should have any say in what goes on in the schools, sheesh. Have ave you seen our website?? #GoLocal #LoVermont

We guess we can share a handful of things we looked considered.

  • Refreshers on using responsive classroom – or an introduction for those that don’t know it
  • How to be more inclusive of students with physical or invisible disabilities
  • Supporting LGBTQ students in K-12 and why misgendering is harmful
  • Why Title IX matters in K-12 and what it looks like (sexual harassment, assault doesn’t just happen male on female)
  • Verbal de-escalation and why teachers shouldn’t be physical with students

Obviously, the last two were out as we have very strong unwritten policies for retaliating against teachers that try to do anything about these last two issues in our district. As for the first three, it was SO clear that restorative practices cover everything so why bother with minor details? Are we right?

Why do we call it restorative practice rather than it’s real name, restorative justice, you ask? Well, there’s such a negative connotation with the word justice, and again, we’re not really into holding anyone accountable for anything here in the BSD. We’re just one big happy family, just another reason why we wanted to give you this end-of-year bonus session.

So enjoy your day! We hope you come back fully committed and refreshed. We know we are.